About Us

Why Pre-arrange?

FAMS provides information needed to plan funerals. The Society has written contracts with the participating funeral homes and transfer services, many of whom give discounts to our members.

The FAMS’s funeral pre-arrangement form, when completed, will have the information required by the Province of Ontario upon death. When a member registers with the chosen participating funeral provider, all necessary documentation can be prepared. It is prudent to give a copy of the funeral plans to family members or friends, rather than putting the instructions in the will, which is usually read after the funeral services have been concluded.

Joining FAMS brings the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wishes have been recorded and filed.

Signing up

Sign up here to join.

  • $40 for a single membership
  • $35 for any family member, 18 and over, who lives at the same address
  • $15 for persons of limited means (please contact us for clarification)

This is a one-time fee, no renewals are necessary. If you relocate within Canada, you can ask to be transferred to another memorial society.

Membership Package

  1. A copy of the Member’s Handbook with information about: simple funerals, burials, cremations, bequeathal to medical science, death benefits, prepayment and other helpful information.
  2. Price List of Participating Funeral Homes and Transfer Services (updated annually).
  3. One Funeral Pre-arrangement Form per adult member.
  4. Instructions to help you complete the form(s).
  5. One blue membership card per member to keep on your person (in case of accidental death). This card has space to fill in the name of your next of kin and your funeral provider.

What does the Society do?

The Society contracts with selected funeral homes or transfer services to provide members with two types of funerals, summarized below:

Type A

The funeral operator removes the body, obtains the legal papers, provides a plain container (three choices are available), and arranges for transportation to cemetery or crematorium. The family can then plan a funeral or a memorial service without the body present.

Type B

(Adds to Type A) the use of a reception room for visitation immediately prior to the service and provides a cloth-covered casket.

These two plans are what most members want. Additions to these basic plans cost more than our listed prices and should be discussed with the funeral director.

What are our credentials?

Incorporated under the Ontario Corporations Act. We are a democratic, non-sectarian organization, with an unpaid volunteer Board of Trustees, elected at an annual general meeting usually held in north Toronto each May or June. Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM.

As members of The Federation of Ontario Memorial Societies-Funeral Consumer Alliance (FOOMS-FCA) we promote legislation to reflect consumer interests. FOOMS-FCA continues to meet with Ontario government officials and to alert officials to express consumer concerns. This activism has included The Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act (2002) and Regulations.

Still have unanswered questions?

Email us at info@fams.ca or call us at 416-241-6274.

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